NUS SAP TERP10 is a course hosted jointly by NUS School of Computing and SAP Alliance.

Through this course, NUS TERP10 team aims to introduce student to SAP and build foundations for SAP core business process understanding. This would help students understand the various modules available in SAP and help them to decide on different types of specialisation if students were to kickstart their careers in SAP.


By attending this workshop, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Independent of Industry Type – SAP  systems are used by governments and MNCs from a large range of industries such as Aerospace Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Accounting Firms and many more. Attending the workshop will allow you to understand the functions of such companies better.  You will stand to benefit even if you are not a Computing student.

Increased Employability – The SAP certification is conducted on a global level and is recognized worldwide. Having such a certification on your resume enhances your prospect of employment in the near future

Student would be able to understand:

a) SAP Basics(ABAP, SAP GUI, internal SAP architecture)

b) SAP structure (modules)

c) Integration points of various SAP modules (SAP SD, FI, CO, MM etc)

This course will be conducted in the first 2 weeks of May and December every year. This is a great chance for students to spend their holidays meaningfully and get certified.

Furthermore, this course conducted by NUS TERP10 will be much cheaper than market rate!!

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Email us at terp10@comp.nus.edu.sg  for any enquires about the course!


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