Q: What is the content of the workshop?

A: Please refer to the workshop tab in the website. https://terp10nus.wordpress.com/workshop/

Q: Must I attend ALL days of the workshop?

A: Yes. The TERP10 workshop is a full-time full-day course. Incomplete attendance records will effectively bar you from the certification exam conducted by SAP. You may only be excused if you are able to produce a valid medical certificate.

Q: Are there any pre-requisites required to participate in the TERP10 workshop?

A: Yes. Students are required to obtain a minimum grade of B- for any of the following modules or equivalents:

• IS1105 Strategic IT Applications / CS2250 Fundamentals of Information Systems

• ACC1002/ACC1002X Financial Accounting or any other accounting module

• DSC2006 Operations Management

Students who do not meet the above requirements may still apply. Surplus places for the workshops will be allocated on a case-by-case consideration basis.

In addition to the above, registration is on a first come first serve basis. Graduating students will be given some priority when there are dropouts.

Q: Do I need programing knowledge for the course? Will there be programming during lab?

A: No. Programming knowledge is not required, and the lab session is more towards getting to know how SAP business system works.

Q: Will I learn how to code or develop customized applications for the SAP ERP system in the TERP10 workshop ?

A: No. This is a foundation course that provides students with a business process view of the SAP ERP system. Please refer to https://terp10nus.wordpress.com/workshop/  for course content.

Q: Are Part-Time or Graduate students allowed to participate in the workshops?

A: The workshops are for full-time undergrads from all faculties and also graduate students from School of Computing. We regret to inform that non-students (alumni included) are not eligible to sign up for this course.

Q: Are Master or PhD students allowed to participate in the workshops?

Full-time Master and PhD students are allowed to attend the course. However, we cannot cater for part-time students.

Q: Is there any funding from IDA to offset the course fees?

A: Unfortunately, IDA had removed the TERP10 certification from its list of CITREP-approved courses after 2010. As such, students will have to pay the full course fees.

Q: When is the workshop and exam?

A: We will organize the workshop during each vacation (May, December). Normally the workshop starts from the first week of vacation, and lasts for two weeks. The exam will be around one week after workshop. Please take note that the date varies for each semester, because of public holiday and unexpected circumstances.

Q: Where is the venue for workshop and exam?

A: Workshop is conducted in SoC, and venue will be announced before each workshop. Exam is held by SAP, and takes place at their exam center. Detailed address will be announced by SAP in confirmation letter.

Q: What are the teaching modes?

A: The morning session is for lecture, and afternoon session is for lab exercise and review questions.

Q: What is the exam format? 

A: It is a three-hour computer based test. There will be 80 MCQs with possibly multiple correct choices. You need to get at least 51% correct to pass. Please note exam is set by SAP, so the format and grading policy are subject to change.

Q: Do I need to purchase any textbook or materials?

A: We will prepare textbook and exercise booklets for you, and cost is already included in the course fee.

Q: How much does the SAP TERP10 cost?

A: $573 for non-SOC student and $543 for SOC student.


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